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iPad - PPA Cover

What Do We Provide ?

Have you ever listened to the radio and wanted to be the star of your own show? Learn the skills and techniques used by professional Radio presenters and develop your very own radio show based around a topic in school.

KS1 - L1 - My Sounds      L2 - Podcast

KS2 - L1 - Class Radio        L2 - Foley Audio
L4 - DJ Skills             L4 - Mixing and Editing

Why Choose Teach 24?

Lessons are linked to the current National Curriculum

Teach 24 workshops can be linked to topic work in school

Workshops are availble for both KS1 & KS2 pupils.

iPads and equipment provided by Teach 24

Detailed lesson plans can be provided upon request.

A flexible way to cover your PPA requirements.

Workshop 1 -  Class Radio
Pupils will explore different elements of a radio show, using discusssion and clearly explaining their understanding of writing for different contexts, purposes and audiences
Workshop 3 - DJ Skills
Pupils will explore in more detail the job role of a commercial radio DJ adapting their language and style, they will then work towards creating a live performance to include a mix of music.
Workshop 2 - Foley Audio
Pupils will learn the basics of Foley audio then experiment with sounds to create an audio dimension that will be added to a silent movie.
Workshop 4 - Mixing and audio editing
Pupils will incorporate all the skills and knowledge taught in previous workshops, working towards mixing audio and the editing of an audio communication

The Teach 24 radio workshop has six progressive levels, two KS1 levels and four KS2 levels. This enables pupils to a learn new skills and implementing their subject knowledge into the work that they produce. Please see below a breakdown of the KS2 workshops.

Radio Workshops - Scheme of Work

Each workshops lasts between 5 - 7 hours, enabling one workshops to be completed in one full day gifted and talented workshops or spread out over half a term covering PPA time.

Please click on a workshop below to discover more about Teach 24 PPA cover.

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