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What Do We Provide ?

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The Teach 24 Music workshops introduces pupils to the world of music production and music theory. These workshops will cover many different aspects of music, starting with basic instruments, to more advanced sampling workshops.

KS1 - L1 - Instruments           L2 - My Band

KS2 - L1 - Music Production    L2 - Music Theory
L4 - Sampling                L4 - Genre Development

Why Choose Teach 24?

Lessons are linked to the current National Curriculum

Teach 24 workshops can be linked to topic work in school

Workshops are availble for both KS1 & KS2 pupils.

iPads and equipment provided by Teach 24

Detailed lesson plans can be provided upon request.

A flexible way to cover your PPA requirements.

Workshop 1 -  Music Production
Pupils will learn basic music production skills, working towards an outcome of a music piece that can be used as a jingle or radio advert.
Workshop 3 - Programming and Sampling
Pupils will learn about musical programming and sampling working towards improvising and composing music for a range of purposes.
Workshop 2 - Music Theory
Pupils will learn basic music theory elements and explore notation and music staffs. This new knowledge will then be used to create a very simple musical scale.

The Teach 24 Music workshop has six progressive levels, two KS1 levels and four KS2 levels. This enables pupils to a learn new skills and implementing their subject knowledge into the work that they produce. Please see below a breakdown of the KS2 workshops.

Music Workshops - Scheme of Work

Each workshops lasts between 5 - 7 hours, enabling one workshops to be completed in one full day gifted and talented workshops or spread out over half a term covering PPA time.

Workshop 4 - Genre Development
Pupils will research the history of music and how genres have developed. They will then take influences from numerous styles of music and develop their own genre.

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