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Why use the Teach 24 PPA Cover

Our Customers Say

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''We have been working alongside Teach 24 for over 3 years in our school, Teach 24 do a fantastic job covering all of our PPA requirements. The Teach 24 team are always extremely enthusiastic and very inspiring to our children. Teach 24 have helped cover the computing curriculum and are always happy to share their ideas and lessons with internal staff. We will be working alongside Teach 24 for many years to come!'' - Headteacher, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

''Over the last couple of years we have build up a wonderful partnership with Teach 24, so much so that they have become an integrated part of our school curriculum. Teach 24 have a wonderful way of covering all of the different aspects of the computing curriculum, including E-safety. The wonderful thing about the Teach 24 curriculum is that it can mesh beautifully with the school curriculum. Any project that our school takes part in, Teach will link their scheme of work to the school topic and novel Study.'' Headteacher, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

''Teach 24 have been working in our school for the past year teaching ICT through iPads to our chIldren. The skills, knowledge and understanding the children have, and the progress they have made in their learning is very impressive. The interactive element of teaching through iPads really allows the children to participate fully in lessons. All of the Teach 24 staff that have come in to school have been inspirational and the children both respect and admire the Teach 24 team. Teach 24 are a great asset to our school.'' - Headteacher, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

What is the Teach 24 PPA Service?

Teach 24 provide an all inclusive PPA service that will work alongside your school to become an integral part of learning. We run various lessons to include: iPad computing, creative media, music, sport and MFL. These lessons are availble to KS1 and KS2 pupils.

Are the Lessons linked to the National Curriculum?

Yes, the lessons that we deliver have been designed to ensure they all promote a cross curricular approach to develop pupil learning in: Computing, Music, Technology, Sport and MFL.
Lesson plans and schemes of work are availble upon request.

What do you need to provide?

Nothing! Teach 24 will provide all of the equipment that is required in our workshops, enabling your teachers to use their PPA time efficiently and effectively. All of the works produced with Teach 24 will be shared with your school and you can post this on your school website & social media.

Want to know more about Teach 24? Watch our mission statement below.


Teach 24 Primary School PPA Cover

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